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Transform your windows with Tint Club Duluth – where simplicity meets excellence in making your window tinting journey smooth and hassle-free.

Discover the Top Reasons to tint your car windows!

Over 99% UV protection

Up to 98% IR rejection

Reduces incoming heat, boosts comfort

Increases privacy and security

Protects interior from sun damage

Reduces glare and eye strain

Premium Ceramic

Ultimate style, protection and comfort

Elevate your driving experience to the ultimate level with our premium ceramic window tint. Experience unparalleled heat protection, ultimate solar energy protection, and crystal-clear road visibility. Discover how our ceramic tint can enhance your comfort and style.


Heat Protection:

IR Protection:

UV Protection:


Ceramic window tint boosts comfort and reduces heat Significantly boosts comfort
Ceramic window tint offers powerful UV and IR solar energy protection Ultimate solar energy protection
Ceramic window tint will never fade or change color Never fades or changes color
Ceramic window tint offers crystal clear views and visibility of the road Exceptional optical clarity


Superior style, protection and comfort

Elevate your driving experience to the next level with our ceramic window tint. Experience unmatched heat protection, solar energy rejection, and crystal-clear visibility of the road. Discover how our ceramic tint can enhance your comfort and style.


Heat Protection:

IR Protection:

UV Protection:


Window tint can efficiently manage incoming heat Boosts comfort
Window tint protects against harmful solar energy Superior solar energy protection
Ceramic window tint will never change color or fade Never fades or changes color
Ceramic window tint offers crystal clear views and visibility while driving Exceptional optical clarity
Red GMC truck with ceramic window tint on side windows


Enhanced style and protection

Experience the perfect blend of style and solar protection with our carbon window tint near me, offering powerful solar protection, long-lasting color stability, and a sleek, modern look for your vehicle.


Heat Protection:

IR Protection:

UV Protection:


Carbon window tint offers UV and IR solar energy protection Great solar energy protection
Carbon window tint never fades or changes color Never fades or changes color
Carbon offers crystal clear views of the road Exceptional optical clarity
SUV with new carbon window tint installation

Choose A Shade That Matches Your Needs

Window tint shades offer a world of possibilities for enhancing your driving experience, personal privacy, and style. With varying levels of Visible Light Transmission (VLT), you can customize your vehicle's appearance and comfort. From subtle, lighter tints that protect against UV rays and IR energy to sleek, darker shades that greatly reduce glare and heat, our professional installation services cater to your preferences while ensuring compliance with Georgia's state regulations. When you're searching for 'window tinting in near me,' our tint shop places that tint near me are ready to assist you in finding the right window tint shade for your needs. Discover the perfect window tinting tint near me, and ride in comfort, style, and safety with our window tinting services.

Our Work

Our customers entrusted us with the transformation of their vehicles, and we let the results do the talking.

At Tint Club Duluth, we appreciate the significance of your investment in your automobile. Our expertise shines in automotive window tinting, using premium materials to enhance your car's style, protection, and overall appeal. Our mission is to make your driving experience exceptional, guaranteeing your car looks fantastic and you feel great on the road! Discover the difference with our auto tint near me service.



"I highly recommend Tint club in Duluth for any kind of tinting job. I was shopping around multiple tinting places which were all booked up for the week but when I called and Nina picked up, she booked me in right away for a same day appt. When I arrived, one of the installers named Ralph was super knowledgeable, friendly, and patient as he explained in detail all the different options, pricing, post care, while answering the tons of questions I had. After deciding which trim, I was able to get my car done in and out within two hours and for a very reasonable price! Gotta say my ‘stang looks so clean, refreshing, and ready to tackle the brutal GA summers 😎"


"I got 2 front windows tinted to match the back on my Tesla and it turned out perfectly. I love how my car looks now. The service and quality are top notch. Everything was explained thoroughly. Take your car here if you want the best job!”

Kelly Truong

"Extremely professional, courteous, and efficient. Less than two hours. Made our Genesis G70 look like a different car. Worth every penny."

Chrenya 459

"If you want your windows done right, choose Tint Club. He got my windows done perfectly in a timely manner. Tint Club got my whip looking righteous!"

William Butler

“Got me in on a Saturday and couldn’t be happier with the job”

Avery Moore

“Great job will use him again.”

Donald Leazier

FAQ's About Car Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting, including car window tinting, is the application of a thin, transparent film to your vehicle's windows. At Tint Club Duluth, we provide expert automotive window tinting services that elevate comfort, privacy, and protection in your car. This process effectively reduces heat, blocks harmful UV rays, and adds a stylish touch to your vehicle. Whether you're searching for "auto tint near me" or "best window tint near me," we are your trusted choice for quality window tinting services close to you.

When it comes to automotive window tinting, including car window tinting, there are numerous compelling reasons to consider this service. It enhances your driving experience by effectively reducing heat, blocks harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and your car's interior, enhances privacy, and elevates the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Whether you're searching for "auto tint near me" or "best car tint near me," our professional window tinting services provide the perfect solution to enhance your vehicle's comfort, style, and protection.

In Georgia, the automotive window tinting laws specify the following regulations for window tinting near me:
Windshield: non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield.

  • Front side windows: must allow more than 32% of light in.
  • Back side windows: must allow more than 32% of light in.
  • Rear window: must allow more than 32% of light in.

These regulations pertain to the visible light transmission (VLT) percentage, which refers to the amount of visible light that can pass through the window. Tint darkness can vary slightly based on local regulations, so it's advisable to check with your local law enforcement agency or a reputable window tinting professional to ensure compliance.

There are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to window films for structures and buildings.

At Tint Club Duluth, we offer a comprehensive selection of automotive window tint films, each delivering distinct benefits to enhance your driving experience. Dyed window tint effectively absorbs solar energy, reducing glare and enhancing privacy, but may have limited heat rejection. Carbon window tint, enriched with carbon particles, strikes a balance between style and performance, providing improved heat rejection, glare reduction, and lasting durability. Meanwhile, ceramic window tint, composed of advanced ceramic particles, excels in heat and UV rejection, ensuring a cooler interior, energy savings, exceptional optical clarity, and long-lasting performance. Your choice depends on your specific priorities, with dyed being a cost-effective option, carbon offering a well-rounded performance, and ceramic shining as a premium solution.

Professional installation is key to maintaining visibility while enjoying the benefits of window tinting. At Tint Club Duluth, we ensure that our window tinting solutions comply with local regulations and do not compromise safety. Whether you're searching for a "car tint shop near me" or "window tinting services," our team of experts provides top-notch service.

Installation times can vary depending on the project's complexity, but we are committed to providing efficient and quality service. While speed is important, we prioritize the precision and expertise of our installations. Whether you're looking for a "fast tint shop near me" or "window tinting in Duluth," our professionals are here to deliver exceptional results. After providing you with a quote, we can offer a more precise estimate of the installation duration.

The cost of window tinting varies based on the project's specifics, but our goal is to provide competitive and fair pricing for our services. If you're looking for the "best car tint shop near me" or a personalized estimate, reach out to Tint Club Duluth, and our professionals will provide you with a transparent, no cost quote.

Yes, Tint Club Duluth is committed to standing behind the quality of our work and the products we use. We proudly provide a lifetime warranty for our automotive window tint products, offering you assurance and peace of mind. We highly recommend discussing the specifics of this warranty with our knowledgeable team before your installation to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the protection and reliability of our services.

Certainly, automotive window tinting can be removed, and the process usually requires professional removal services. At Tint Club Duluth, our skilled technicians can safely and effectively remove the old film and any adhesive residue, ensuring that your windows return to their original condition. Whether you're seeking "tint removal near me" or "window tint removal service," you can rely on our expertise for a hassle-free and quality removal process.

For the proper maintenance of your tinted car windows, it's essential to use a mild, ammonia-free glass cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning. Avoid the use of abrasive materials and refrain from rough scrubbing to preserve the appearance and performance of your tint. We also recommend refraining from rolling down newly tinted windows for a few days after installation to allow the film to cure properly. If you have any maintenance concerns or require guidance, our automotive window tinting experts are readily available to assist you with professional advice and services, ensuring that your tinted windows remain in top condition.